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FAQ Page2018-01-05T00:03:40-06:00
Nearest car wash2017-01-27T22:28:36-06:00

Nearest Car Wash:  Located next to Emigrant General Store 4 miles to the south

What forms of payment do you accept?2016-12-29T23:33:17-06:00

We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover credit cards.

What are the park’s dates of operation?2016-12-29T23:30:28-06:00

Dates of Operation:  We are open May 1st through October 10th

What television service is available in the park?2016-12-29T23:31:06-06:00

Television: We do not have cable TV and do not receive a reliable antenna signal. Direct TV and Dish Network will be the best sources for TV reception.

What are the check in and check out times?2018-01-05T00:18:25-06:00

Check in/out time:  Check in after 12:00 noon and check out is by 11:00 AM

Do you allow tents?2016-12-29T23:31:41-06:00

Tents:  We are sorry but we do not have a tenting area and do not allow tents at our RV sites.

Distance to Yellowstone National Park2016-12-29T23:34:49-06:00

Distance to Yellowstone National Park:  We are 35 miles from the North Entrance of Yellowstone National Park, which will take you approximately 30 minutes.

Distance to Chico Hot Springs Lodge2016-12-29T23:26:34-06:00

Distance to Chico Hot Springs Lodge:  It is 7 miles from Yellowstone’s Edge RV Park.

Nearest restaurants2018-09-18T19:13:18-06:00

Nearest restaurants:

The Wildflour Bakery and the Livery Stable are located in Emigrant, Montana – 4 miles to the south. Chico Hot Springs Lodge, which has a dining room and the Poolside Grill is located 3 miles east of Emigrant.  The Yellowstone Valley Grill is two miles to the north.  There are menus for each restaurant located at the Camp Store.

Nearest Walmart2016-01-25T20:42:13-06:00

Nearest Walmart:  It is located in Bozeman, MT, approximately an hour drive west on Interstate 90.

Nearest grocery store2017-01-27T22:27:16-06:00

Nearest grocery store:  The Emigrant General Store is 4 miles to the south on Highway 89, South. Store Hours:  Monday through Saturday:  8:00 AM to 9:00 PM and Sunday 9:00 AM to 9:00 PM. The store carries a wide variety of grocery items.

Nearest gas/diesel station2016-01-25T20:40:45-06:00

Nearest gas/diesel station:  The Emigrant General Store is 4 miles to the south on Hwy. 89 South.  You can purchase gas/diesel 24 hours a day.

Where can we swim?1970-01-01T00:00:00-06:00

Swimming:  The nearest swimming pool is located at the Chico Hot Springs Lodge and is open to the public.  We do not advise swimming in the Yellowstone River as it is swift and has undercurrents!